School council / eco-council

We want to listen to our children!  We listen to them every single day as they share their ideas and thoughts about a myriad of things!  We think it is really important that even from such a young age that they startto learn about how they can have an even more powerful “children’s voice” through a School Council.  This is, indeed, an early part of their understanding about democracy and citizenship.

Our school council comprises of one member per class.  These members are elected by their classmates. The school council then meets once per half-term.

Miss Caroline Cross (Y5 teacher) supports the School Council.

What does the school council talk about?  Anything and everything to do with helping make our school better.  They might talk about playground activities, about ICT resources, about trips they would like and the quality of their lunches.

You can see the wide range of issues they consider from the notes of their meetings. 

We will keep this page updated with progress that the School Council makes.