Our approach to the curriculum

At Beacon we want children's learning to be exciting, engaging and purposeful.  
We want every child to succeed in their literacy and mathematics so that they can leave our school with core academic skills to enable them to be successful in their future lives.  
We also value the wider curriculum and believe that every child should have rich and enjoyable opportunities in the creative arts and the humanities (history and geography). 
Outdoor learning is highly valued by school community and we get our children  learning outside as much as possible.  This "outdoor learning" happens both in our extensive school grounds and on off-site trips.
Talk4Writing is central to our teaching of literacy, with wonderful special events ("hooks") setting off their work around particular books.   The children are transported in their imaginations to the worlds of the books and their learning flows from there.
In EYFS and KS1 we use Read, Write, Inc (RWI) to teach phonics.  Some KS2 children will also follow RWI to support their reading and writing.
"SPAG" :  Spelling, punctuation and grammar is taught in all year groups both within discretely and within context of all curriculum areas.
Our mathematics curriculum is all about "Maths Mastery".   This is an approach Mathematics mastery is an approach in which most pupils are expected to be really secure in their understanding and application in an area before progressing.    We use a maths system, Maths Makes Sense, to support our teaching of maths.
All other subjects are taught through a topic approach.  Each year group plans a topic for a half-term which will capture the children's interests and imaginations.   For example, in Summer 2018, topics include :  Remedies, Rainforests and Midsummer Madness (Y5) , "Blast from the Past" (the Victorians) (Y3) and "The Potting shed" 9Y1).   The "curriculum maps" for each year group can be viewed under the separate year group pages.  Our EYFS classes (Nursery and Reception) will build their learning around the many different immediate interests of the children and the opportunities that arise from day to day.
Key themes of British Values and citizenship thread through many parts of school life at Beacon.  Children have opportunities to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through class time, non-class time and extra curricular activities.  Our School Council is a key part of ensuring "children's voice" is heard.
Personal, Social, Health  Education (PSHE) is a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities.  Further details of our PSHE programme can be found under  the "PSHE" page.
Finally, but very importantly, we want every child to lead a physically active, healthy life whilst they are in our school and to have the understanding and ability to carry this on in the longer term.  Children have a broad range of opportunities both within PE lessons and through extra curricular clubs.  Children's successes and efforts are celebrated from achievements both inside and outside school.
Through our curriculum we aim to provide children with the skills, learning and understanding to enable them to be aspirational, thoughtful and caring  young citizens able to lead happy and successful lives.
The ACE Trust definition of learning helps to frame our overall approach -
Learning is like overlapping waves: A gradual ebbing and flowing of the frequencies of alternative ways of thinking, with new approaches being added and old ones being eliminated as well. New rules / strategies / theories and ways of thinking wash through our minds like waves sometimes obliterating what was there before, sometimes pushing suddenly forward in great surges.
If you would like more information on the curriculum please email - beacon@kernowlearning.co.uk or ask at school reception.