Homework serves several purposes :  it helps children to practice and reinforce key knowledge (eg key words, reading skills).  It also helps children feel that school and home are working closely together.  Topic projects are often “collaborative” projects, with the child and parent/carer/siblings all joining in to make the finished product!

The main homework is reading .  We ask that parents/carers try to read with their child for 5 – 10 minutes every day.

In F2 and KS1 children may also be sent home with “key words” to learn.  Knowing their key words will really help them with their reading.  

In KS1 children are often sent home with spelling lists for a test on Friday.  Being able to spell a good number of key words will help them with their writing.

Sometimes class teachers will also set some numeracy or topic homework.  


We do not want homework to become onerous or a “no-go area”.  Please speak with your class teacher if you feel that it is not a productive activity : they may be able to suggest ways of making it more appealing to both you and your child!

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Use the username and password that your teacher gave you. If you have lost your password, please ask your teacher.