Governors at Beacon ACE Academy
If you wish to make contact with the Chair of Governors please do so via the school office.

Chair (Community gov)



Derek Rushton

Vice Chair (Community gov)



Rob Blackhall




Kaye Haywood

Parent gov

4 Mrs Terri Finn

Parent gov

5 Mr Marcus Williams

Staff gov

6  Mrs Jane Tong

Community gov






Quote –parent governor –‘ I have observed and monitored curriculum delivered by staff to a high standard-  I have been an advocate for parents……’

Governors’ activities throughout this academic year have been extensive. Our LAB work has continued to contribute to the Academy’s continued success. Due to external factors the LAB’s duties were suspended in March and will be readopted at the onset of the Autumn Term in the next academic year.


Our Academy’s strong community base has enabled our response to Covid 19 to be well received. Not only have some families been able to benefit from the Academy’s staggered resumption but also many have embraced the online ‘virtual’ learning experiences staff created. Governors would like to thank both staff and families for their commitment during these stressful times. Additionally the role of the Trust central team and our Senior Leadership Group also deserve our thanks.

As in previous years this statement will assess governor impact in three key areas of interaction-

  •         Clarity  of Vision and Strategic Direction
  •         Head Teacher accountability for performance of Academy and pupils
  •         Oversight of Academy monies

The level of governor impact will be assessed in one of three broad categories

  •         (H) – Considerable
  •         (M) - Moderate
  •         (L) – Low


  1.      Our strategic direction was signposted by a number of factors –

May 2019 – Ofsted inspected and the school was rated ‘GOOD’ in all aspects

November 2019 – Challenge Partner – reported some areas to develop

Alongside the external assessments we had a detailed SIP with a termly Improvement Schedule. All of these enabled governors to prepare a detailed monitoring schedule which enabled interaction with staff and a basis for dialogue alongside the Head Teacher’s termly report – Governor activity involved monitoring – Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Send, Physical Education. Alongside this governors were informed of Curriculum revision and a new Early Year’s curriculum, Health and Safety (compliance), Safeguarding and Attendance. External opinion validated the high standard of monitoring. (H)

  1.      Governor recruitment remains an active issue for the LAB. Currently we have a strong declaration of interest from a local community business man. (M)
  2.      Governors adopt key areas of responsibility in addition to the overarching LAB activities- termly monitoring of Attendance, Safeguarding, Compliance, SEND and the Disadvantaged (Pupil Premium)-(H)
  3.      Governors attend courses of professional development to enable knowledge to be current. Latterly Governor Space has been used.-(H)
  4.      The Head Teacher’s Report is termly and enables a detailed holistic view of the academy and alongside the data enables governors to bioth challenge and support outcomes-(H)
  5.      Governors attend a yearly review of the Academy’s progress led by our Trust CEO. In particular this drills down into the data and examines SIP progress. (H)
  6.      Governors are involved in staff recruitment and are able to receive information on performance management.(H)
  7.      Governors are involved in ‘single issue’ meetings with the Head Teacher –(H)
  8.      Governors operate a termly self- review and ensure targets in key areas are met and provides detail of tools used by the LAB – (H)
  9. Governors are actively involved with trust officers in the development of the learning environment, with one governor leading in this area.
  10. Governors attend Parent/Teacher meetings and also SIP planning meetings –(M)


  1.      Governors work together with the data from the Head Teacher’s report and their own monitoring to track pupil achievement and progress. Staff and the SLT provide contextual information.(H)
  2.      One governor has the skill set to work effectively with the safeguarding leads, external professionals and the academy pastoral team. All governors are trained to understand the role of Safeguarding and LAB meetings feature additional scenario training.(H)
  3.      Governors scrutinise internal and external assessment data and compare to teacher assessment targets and identify ‘at risk’ groups-(H)
  4.      Governors receive the Challenge Partner’s report and monitor development points=(M)
  5.      Governors are becoming increasingly aware of initiatives to contribute to staff wellbeing .Questionnaires from all stakeholders have been considered .(L)
  6.      Governors have considered ‘pupil voice’ and have attended academy council meetings and discussed work with children,(M)
  7.      Governors are advised of the academy’s contribution to the wider  community and enjoy being able to attend celebratory events.(M)
  8.      Governors are invited to attend Trust meetings to contribute to discussions regarding the changing priorities of the Trust .This year has seen governors contribute to the newly expanded Trust’s values and Mission Statement(M)


  1.      Planning meetings with central team officers to enable project planning to reflect financial constraints. One governor has contributed consistently to our site development.(H)
  2.      The governors have budget reports to enable spending priorities to be monitored-central team representation can be requested to identify funding streams.(M)
  3.      The Sports Premium and Pupil Premium budget lines are monitored –governors recognise the importance of these monies to enable wider curriculum access and enrichment.(H)
  4.      Governors are signatories to ensure financial controls are exercised correctly.(H)
  5.      Governors have contributed to ‘Bid Writing’ to support the development of learning experiences (H)
  6.      Governors in collaboration with the central team plan developments on the site both to improve the learning opportunities and health and safety- fire alarm system. (M)
  7.      The Risk Assessment Register has become a ‘live’ document which is part of the academy improvement cycle. (L)
  8.      Governors are able to work with regulatory policies to inform practice.(H)
  9.      Governors work alongside the local authority to ensure the development of the ARB-(M)
  10. Governors work together effectively to enable the team to consider how our children can benefit from the budget lines and deliver school improvement targets.(M)
  11. Governors have, in collaboration with the Central Team been active in seeing the ex - Children’s Centre returned to the academy estate. The development/use of this building will be an area of focus for next year.


Compiled July 2020